Upgrade Your Space in an Instant with our Vinyl Flooring Solution

Upgrade Your Space in an Instant with our Vinyl Flooring Solution

Choosing the right flooring for your home is never an easy process with so many available options in the market. Flooring, unlike furniture and fittings, stays for longer periods.

Nowadays, interlocking vinyl tiles are among the most popular flooring solutions due to their cost-effective and on-the-go installation nature, giving your space a stylish appearance, yet resilient performance.

Here are 6 distinct reasons why our Flexi Tiles are your perfect choice:

Easy Installation: Installing the tiles is easy as ABC! You do not need any adhesive substance nor tools to put your tiles together. All you need to do is interlock the edges and you are good to go.

Multifunctional: These tiles are perfect for your child’s playroom, car garage, home gym, workshop, balcony, music room, patio and more. This affordable flooring solution is also ideal to cover cracked, contaminated, or damp subflooring.

Built-to-last: Weighing 2 kilograms, these heavy-duty tiles are built to last for many years. They can withstand intense daily overuse including daily home us, functioning as heavy-duty flooring for even parking a car, or withstanding the pressure of heavy metal cabinets. 

Resistant: Do you often worry about damaging, or spilling on your expensive flooring? Flexi Tiles are resistant to all kinds of spills that can be easily wiped clean. With an anti-skid surface design, they are perfect to wash your car on, or to use in moist environments without worrying about slipping. Lastly, Flexi Tiles are impact resistant that can withstand all sorts of heavy use, protecting your actual floor from wear-and-tear.

All-purpose Colors: Are you looking to build the garage of your dreams by creating the perfect contrast? Or perhaps to choose the perfect playful combination in your child’s happy place? Available in 6 standard colors, we have tiles to match every purpose and every setting whether you choose a single color or mix and match!

Ease of Maintenance: With a simple installation process comes an easier maintenance.

These tiles make it easy to:

  • Replace individually in case of damage.
  • Wash off dust and stains using a damp mop.
  • Clean the floor underneath by disassembling the pieces then putting them back together effortlessly.

Potential uses include:


A great choice of flooring for your personal home garage! Being highly resilient, PVC tiles can withstand the weight of vehicles. They are also highly resistant to staining and fading caused by lubricant spills or cleaning detergents.

Children’s Room 

Transform your children’s bedroom into a colorful safe haven where your children can engage in their adventures safely. 

Home Gym 

These testing times have made gyms less accessible for most of us. Now you can build your own personal gym at home where you can worry less about the social distancing and get back on track with your physique! These tiles are tested against impact which ensures protection of the floor underneath when weights are dropped.


Upgrade your balcony floor to create the living space you desire. Find the perfect color combination to go along with your seating set and planters. 


Whether you are hosting your friends and family for dining, or having your afternoon yoga session, these tiles come in handy in your patio, garden, or backyard.

Your floor makes up a big part of your home and is most prone to wear-and-tear. Be sure to plan wisely and consider the added benefits of installing these interlocking tiles instantly!

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